Spirit West Motor Carriage Auto glass repair


Spirit West Motor Carriage Auto Repair provides auto glass replacement on cracked windshields to all makes and models of vehicles.

It is unsafe to the vehicle’s driver and passengers if cracked or damaged glass is not replaced. A cracked windshield can impair the driver’s vision. What you may not realize is it also provides structural rollover strength and is a part of how some vehicles’ airbag systems are designed to deploy with the windshield acting as a backstop. So operating with a compromised windshield could put you at risk.

Additionally, some rock chips can be repaired using our UV-cured
equipment to restore strength and reduce the visibility of the glass injury. Spirit West Motor Carriage Auto Repair highly recommends giving us a call as soon as you notice a chip or crack in your windshield to eliminate further damage and excessive, unnecessary repair charges down the road.

Auto glass repair can be an easy process, and depending on your
insurance policy, it may cost you nothing out of pocket to repair.
However, the longer you wait, the more time and money it will take to
fix your windshield.

Give us a call or contact us today to see how we can get your car back into shape and back on the road…SAFELY!

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