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Why You Shouldn’t Drive With a Chipped Windshield

Cracked windshields are generally seen as minor cosmetic damages, such as a small dent, but damage to your windshield should not be ignored. Not only a cracked or chipped windshield is an unpleasant blemish on your vehicle, but it can also be a serious safety concern.


Cracks and chips can cause blurred vision and serve as a distraction for the driver. Not to mention, dirt, water and grime can collect inside the crack or above the chipped area, decreasing visibility. Impaired vision can cause an accident as the driver may not be able to see objects such as rocks, small animals or pits on the road.


The windshield provides structural integrity to a vehicle and acts as a load-bearing element. When a car suffers from a frontend collision, an intact windshield actively transfers the force of the impact towards the chassis—downwards—and away from the driver/passenger. A cracked windshield won’t be able to do that and will instead break on impact. This also affects the correct deployment of the airbag, which serves to protect the driver and passengers from impression fractures to the skull and facial bones.


While driving around with a small crack or chip on the windshield isn’t an offence in some places, drivers may be fined anywhere between $50 to hundreds of dollars—depending on the city and local laws—if the crack/chip affects the driver’s field of vision.


Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. This is especially true in the case of a damaged windshield. The crack may not be harming anyone for now, but your problems will grow significantly worse if you come across one of these situations:

  • Your windshield is hit by a rock or roadside debris
  • Something falls on the cracks—an animal, etc.—and the pressure increases the size of the crack
  • Heavy vibrations due to slammed doors or bumps in the road cause the windshield to lose integrity
  • Moisture accumulates in the crack and weakens the whole structure over time when it spreads

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