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Tips to Help you Save Money on Gas during Road Trip

Though gas prices can make travel a little daunting, getting from one place to another is essential. While gas prices continue to fluctuate during this time of uncertainty, there are a few tips we have developed to help you save money and less time at the pump during your road trip or daily drive.

Avoid Aggressive Driving:

We have all been there, you are running late, and you think it is a good idea to drive more aggressively, alternating between accelerating rapidly and braking suddenly. In addition to likely not getting to your destination any faster, you are also wasting more fuel in the process. You can also save gas by choosing a route to your destination that has the fewest stoplights and stip signs to avoid frequent braking and acceleration.  Plan to leave early and drive safely.

Keep vehicle maintenance:

In addition to keeping you and your passengers safe in your vehicle, maintaining your vehicle can go along way when it comes to saving money on gas. If your gas mileage is not where it should be with your vehicle, check with your mechanic to see if there may be an underlying issue like a clogged air filter, oil change needed, or your tires are in need of being replaced or your alignment may be off. Each of these factors can affect your gas mileage especially when traveling for any amount of long distance.

Avoid Idling your Vehicle:

Idling means you are getting zero miles per gallon; modern vehicles warm up and ready to drive within a few minutes. When possible, shut your engine off if you are going to be waiting in one area for a minute or more and restart your vehicle when you are ready to drive again.

Remove excess weight:

The more weight in your vehicle, the more power required to move your vehicle, losing gas mileage in the process. In fact, you lose around one to two percent of your fuel economy for every 100 pounds of weight added in your vehicle. When traveling for a long distance, pack as light and compact as possible.

Do not wait to fill up at the last minute:

You look down and see your gas tank is just below a quarter tank and you decide to keep driving thinking you want to get the most miles out of your tank, and it will not affect your vehicle’s MPG. That thinking is wrong, filling up around the quarter tank level can help extend your mpg and reduces the risk of running out of gas and being stranded trying to stretch out your gas tank during a road trip.

When planning a road trip, map out the gas stations and when you are wanting to stop and refill your vehicle. Reduce weight in the vehicle as much as possible, and drive the speed limit. Enjoy the road and get to your destination without breaking the bank on gas.

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