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Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Winter is approaching, and although you can’t stop the ice, snow, and freezing rain, you can increase your safety of driving in winter by being prepared for it.

Take your car in for a pre-winter checkup.
Your favorite shop may have a checklist prepared, but otherwise tell your service writer or technician to pay special attention to the:

  • Heater, defroster, brakes, lights, oil levels, and exhaust system.
  • Condition of the tires. Decide if all-season tires are good enough for your planned route or whether you need proper winter tires. For some trips in the mountains, tire chains may be recommended but pay attention to local recommendations on this. Chains are hard on roads and they are often prohibited or at certain times of the year. Chains will also wear rapidly if you drive on any hard surface.
  • Quality of your windshield wipers. This is important, as worn-out wipers will smear slush on your windshield rather than clean it off, often making your visibility worse than if you’d never turned on the wiper switch.
  • Antifreeze in the radiator. It’s important any time of the year to have a cooling system full of antifreeze/coolant, but if the level is low, you won’t have enough antifreeze/coolant to circulate through the heater core, either. Prevent chattering teeth and cold toes by paying attention to this.

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