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Looking for a Staycation in the St. Louis Area? Save Money, Time and Stress.

We all can relate to the expense of a vacation, the time to do it, and the stress it can cause traveling then needing a vacation from your vacation. Sometimes it’s just easier staying at home and enjoying the things that are local or within a 50-mile radius. Who said you couldn’t stay in a hotel close to home, enjoy the pool, and let someone else do all the cooking.

St. Louis area has a lot of main attractions and some hidden Gems. Sometimes we forget to think outside the box and do the things we don’t think about. Hopefully, this will spark some ideas and a plan will start to resurrect. These ideas may help your planning easier.

Here are some of the top things to do in St. Louis you may have done or maybe just thought about. Some destinations may have been there the whole time but never even knew it was even there.

The St. Louis Arch:

We’ve all seen it if we drive through St. Louis. The St. Louis Arch. If you are someone that is looking to overcome the fear of heights, you love high places or would love to get a bird’s eye view of the city, this is the place to go. With a 630 ft ride into the sky, you won’t be disappointed with the experience.

Paddle Boat Ride

Hop aboard a 19thcentury paddleboat cruiseand get a historical narration of the city. Relax and enjoy the ride down the Mississippi.

Games and Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Busch Stadium is the home of the St. Louis Cardinals. If you’re a baseball fan this is the place to visit. Enjoy all the excitement and fun activities for everyone in the family. Get up and close with a more intimate experience at the GCS Ballpark where you can watch the Gateway Grizzliesin action and cheer on your favorite team! For those colder days visit the Enterprise Center and take part in the action of the St. Louis Blues heating up the ice.


Six Flags Amusement Park – Full of Thrills

Want to be a kid again? If you like thrill rides, visit Six Flags in St. Louis. Enjoy live shows, rollercoasters, water rides, corn dogs and more. For the little ones watch for characters of all their favorite cartoons. If your traveling with a large group, be sure to ask about group discounts.

Paint the Town!

If you’re looking for a fun night out St. Louis offers a variety of venues. Choose from night clubs, fine dining, sports bars, trendy boutiques, and live music. Look for the Westport Plazaa 62 acre entertainment district full of surprises and fun. Soulard is full of some of the best blues in town. If you’re in the shopping mood visit Claytonor Central West End. Looking to literally try to escape from everything, try the St. Louis Escape Room, Mastermind RoomEscape or No Way Out STLexperience.

St. Louis Zoo – Calling all Animal Lovers

The St. Louis Zoo has been recognized as one of the leading zoological attractions. The zoo offers an educational train ride on the Emerson Zooline Railroad. Enjoy a petting zoo, a stingray pool and much more in an animal adventure you’re sure not to forget. Enjoy restaurants and boutiques full of souvenirs. The zoo will be sure to fill an entire day’s experience on your traveling plan.

The Magicians Place

Bringing the kids on your staycation? If so you cannot miss the children’s interactive museum housed in a Victorian mansion in the suburban St. Louis the Magic House. Not only is it fun but educational as well as offering patriotic karaoke, a miniature town where kids can be grownups, a recreation of the Oval Office and more. Check the website for special events during your vacation dates.

A Walk in the Park

If you’re the outdoorsy athletic kind or need to exert your kid’s energy, visit Forest Park offering walking and biking trails, a magnificent greenhouse, golf courses, and other scenic attractions. Check out the schedule of events.

An Artistic Flare

Experience art, contemporary and modern, surrounded by native plants, rain gardens and a café overlooking the majestic theme at the Citygarden. Laumeier Sculpture Park has an artistic view if over 70 outdoor sculptures and a music amphitheater, so be sure to check dates for an outdoor experience embracing the arts and music under the stars. Chesterfield also has an outdoor artistic experience with its own popular statue “The Awakening” a 70-foot statue of a giant embedded in the earth.

We Got Beer Here

The commercials are famous every year at the Superbowl celebration game. The Anheuser-Busch Brewery and Budweiser Clydesdales are awaiting your arrival for a tour of this famous place. Get an up-close experience petting one of the largest powerhouses in the horse family. Enjoy local flavored beers and take part in beer tasting and sample premium brands.

There are plenty of places to visit including Urban Chestnut’s Midtown Brewery & Biergarten or Grove Brewery & Bierhall4 Hands Brewing Company, and Schlafly Bottleworks and Tap Room.

Live in the City Looking for that Farm Experience?

Visit Grant’s Farm and feed the buffalo and goats. Get an up-close hands-on experience feeding your favorite farm animals. The kids will surely love it. Purina Farmsoffers a similar experience where you can interact with barnyard animals and dogs and watch exciting performances from these furry friends.

A Museum Like no Other

City Museumis a place where you can let your inner child out. If you get to be a kid again imagine what your kids will feel like! It’s full of mystery, science, experimental architecture, mazes, cool spaces and more. Grab a bite on the rooftop but be sure to do it before you ride the Farris wheel towering high above the rooftop with a spectacular city view.


A Spiritual Experience

Visit the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art and find some peace in your travels. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis also houses one of the largest mosaic collections in the Western Hemisphere. There is a city full of St. Louis history housed in these structures. Some others include the Old Cathedral.

Science is Key to Open New Doors

Take a journey through a scientific realm and visit the St. Louis Science Center. Here you will find discoveries with interactive exhibits that will keep your family intrigued for hours at the Museum. From UFOs to a magnetic ball wall, you won’t find yourself bored and your kids will get lost in experiencing over 700 hands-on displays.

Gearheads Central

Tour a vintage motorcycle museum at Moto Museum. View buggies, plains and trains at the St. Louis Museum of Transportation and get in the action racing with go-carts at Pole Position Raceway.

Outdoors, Fresh Air, Wine and Ziplining

Take to the treetops at Go Ape and Adventure Valley Zipline. Looking for that real outdoor adventure on your staycation? Enjoy many activities ranging from fishing and hiking to swimming, horseback riding and much more! Take a stroll underground at Onondaga Cave State Park look for Jesse James hideout and discover buried treasure at Meramec Caverns or stay the night at a plush bed and breakfast in famous Missouri wine country while sampling some of the regions finest tastes of wine.

LIVE Shows under the Stars and Smaller Venues

Look for events, concerts and dates for entertainment at these large and small venue locations: The Pageant, Hollywood Amphitheatre, Jazz at the Bistro, Enterprise Center, Blueberry Hill, Beale on Broadway and Broadway Oyster Bar.

Stroll the Botanical Garden

Take a relaxing stroll through 79 acres of lush gardens, greenhouses, waterfalls, landscapes, tropical plants and more at the Botanical Garden. There is also an education garden for kids to get them started in horticulture and to understand the importance of planting and preserving.

Casino Entertainment

Visit the Lumiere Casinoor River City Casino for all your gaming attractions and excitement. Who knows you could be the next big winner! Enjoy delicious food choices and top-notch entertainment and venues.

Seasonal Festivities

Looking for some seasonal events? Visit the City’s Events and look for events such as BBQs, Live Concerts, Festivals, Farmer’s Markets, and more.

The Power of Theatre

If you like the theatre niche and have the bug for music and plays, there are many to choose from in St. Louis. From classical to award-winning musicals here are a few options to immerse yourself into for those craving the indulgence of theatre. The Fabulous Fox, Louis Symphony at Powell, Hall, Opera Theatre of St. Louis, Repertory Theater, and the Peabody Opera House.

The Delmar Loop Experience

Get ready and mark off an entire day for this experience. Enjoy six blocks of shopping, music venues, boutiques, bars, and mire. From outdoor cafes to fine dining there is something for everyone. Let the kids experience the Planet Walkexhibit to satisfy the younger cravings for adventure. It’s a great place to visit and make a day of it.

St. Louis is full of wonders, adventure and experiences you’re sure not to forget with family and friends and save the cost of traveling by putting it back into your own community. St. Louis is well known as a destination by so many others, so maybe a staycation is a way to go this year. There are so many things to do and see. Explore your own backyard and use your imagination without the expense and stress of vacations.

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