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High Beams: Harmful & Helpful

High Beams

High beams are meant to help aid visibility during poorly lit circumstances. However, if you don’t know the proper situations in which to use them, or other drivers are oblivious to the times when they shouldn’t be using them, tragic accidents can result. Don’t allow a simple lightbulb to ruin your future; be aware of your high beam use, and take proper precautions when approaching others who are misusing their headlights, to prevent tragic and possibly fatal accidents.

When to use high beams
Normal headlights should always be used at night and in certain conditions during the day, particularly in the rain or through work zones for added visibility. High beams, however, are best used at night to help illuminate wider and longer stretches of the road.

When not to use high beams
Just as important as knowing when to use high beams is knowing when NOT to use them. For starters, you should avoid using high beams in poor weather conditions, such as rain, fog and snow, as they can actually limit a driver’s visibility in these situations. In these cases, regular headlights and fog lights, if the vehicle is equipped with them, are a safer option. It’s also crucial for you to know when to turn off their high beams to help keep other drivers safe. If you are cresting a hill, making a turn, coming up on another vehicle in front of them or being approached by a vehicle from the other direction, it’s best to momentarily turn the high beams off so that other drivers are not blinded by them.

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