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Having Electrical Issues With Your Vehicle?

Have you noticed your lights starting to dim? Or maybe other electrical systems in your vehicle have become weak or less powerful than you remember, such as the windows going down or up slowly? You may jump the gun and think it is your battery that is causing the loss in power. The truth is, your problem could very possibly be that the alternator is going out. The alternator supplies power to the vehicle’s electrical system and charges the battery, when operating correctly. If you suspect your alternator is not operating as it should, you should reach out to a local repair shop.

Dimming lights

Have your lights begun dimming while driving? If the alternator is not delivering enough power, your lights will dim noticeably, particularly at idle. This applies to dashboard lights, exterior, interior, and headlights.

Battery Issues

Have you tried to jump-start your vehicle and it still will not start? Charging your battery is a big part of the alternator’s job, and if it is not working correctly, the battery will not power the vehicle, even with a jump-start. Replacing or repairing your alternator can keep your battery charged and working correctly again.

Warning light

Do you have a warning light on your dashboard lit up with the letters “ALT?” or “charging system failure?” When this light comes on, your vehicle is trying to tell you there may be an electrical system problem. A repair shop can do an electrical system test to help you with your problem and get you back on the road.

Burning Rubber Smell

Have you noticed a new smell, one that smells like burning rubber? The alternator uses a belt and pulleys to spin and produce electricity. If there is a misalignment in the pulleys or there is a malfunctioning tensioner, which keeps the belt taut, the belt can have excessive friction and create a burning rubber smell.

Anytime you suspect there may be an issue with your alternator, we do not recommend putting it off. You run the risk of getting stranded and without the ability to drive your vehicle until your alternator is repaired or replaced. Many times, the alternator is a quick and easy repair.

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