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Good News for Missouri Drivers!

It isn’t often that the fees necessary in order to maintain and drive a vehicle go down.  It usually seems that every year, every imaginable fee increases, making it more and more expensive to own a vehicle.  Well, this year, the state of Missouri brings its residents good news…and savings!!

New Law

As of January 1, 2020, an estimated 1.1 Million Missouri registered vehicles are exempt from inspection.  Previously motor vehicles were exempt from biennial mechanical inspection requirements for a period of five years following their model year.  The new act, SB 89, instead, exempts motor vehicles for period of 10 years following their model year, provided the vehicle has fewer than 150,000 miles on the odometer.  For instance, if you own a 2014 model year vehicle, you would have been required to begin getting inspections in 2020.  Because of the new law, now, your vehicle is exempt from inspections for another 5 years.  You would not be required to have the vehicle inspected until 2025 or until the vehicle has 150,000 miles on the odometer.

Missouri Inspection Overview

If you are new to the area, vehicle inspections may be foreign to you. Many states have inspection requirements but, just over the river, in Illinois, inspections are not required.  Following is what to expect when visiting an authorized inspection center.


The interior of your vehicle will be evaluated including the steering wheel, brake pedal, brake warning light, wipers, mirrors, seat belts, high beam indicator, horn and glass glazing.


The inspector will look at wiper blade condition, rear signal and brake lights, reflectors, gas filler cap, front lights and inlet restrictor.

Under the Hood

The inspector will be concerned with the power steering unit, master cylinder unit, upper control arms and steering components, including tie rods, steering box and strut mounting.


Every vehicle has a specific maximum height for the front and rear bumpers and the inspector will take measurements to make certain that your car has the right bumper height.

Air Pollution

The inspector needs to make sure your vehicle complies with the state air pollution laws and will look at the air injection system, PCV system, TAC system, spark control, exhaust gas recirculation, oxygen sensor, evaporative emissions system and catalytic converter.


The engine will be inspected including the exhaust system, brake lines and hoses, fuel system, shock absorbers, spring/torsion bar, front wheel/king pin play, idler arm, pitman arm, stabilizer links, lower control arms, wear indicator type and ball joints.

Brake Components

With the wheels removed, the brake components will be inspected.

Vehicle technology has advanced so quickly.  Newer vehicles are outfitted with monitors, sensors, telematics and connectivity.  It won’t be too long before your mechanic will call to alert you about a problem or potential issue before you it is even discovered.  Consequently, the need for inspections during the first years of the vehicle’s life has become unnecessary, according to the state.  For more information regarding vehicle inspection in the state of Missouri, click here.

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