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3D Scanning – The Future of Estimating

As vehicles become more feature-laden and complex, the restoration and repair of vehicles after a collision becomes, often, even more complex. All collision repair is based on estimates. Whether the estimate is provided to the insurance company or to a private individual, it becomes the blueprint of the work to be done as well as a commitment to the final cost of the repairs. 3-D scanners were introduced as cutting edge technology in the estimating process approximately four years ago and the use of scanners and specialized cameras in the estimating process is more and more common. Read on to understand the importance of this technology in the collision repair estimating process.

Why is 3-D Scanning Important in the Process?
3-D scanning will electronically measure and save accurate and detailed measurements of the vehicle’s frame and chassis. These measurements are efficient and exact and can be provided in a fraction of the time of a fully manual estimating process.
Often, this data is provided to an insurance company and advises the insurer as to the extent of the damage. In a process called deformation-based estimating, this data is a vital and necessary component.

What is deformation-based estimating?
Deformation-based estimating, when used with 3-D scanning technology, provides the most accurate information about the necessary repairs to your vehicle. The post-collision scans are electronically compared to the factory standard scan of your vehicle and the level of deviation (or deformation) determines the cost of the repair as well as advises the process of repair or replace based on an assessment of the level of damage.
How Does This Benefit Consumers?

If a collision repair service provider utilizes this type of technology, in theory, a consumer can submit photos of his damaged vehicle to an insurer using a smartphone. The insurer can then compare the uploaded image to the 3-D scan of the vehicle available in a database to see how much damage has occurred. In the case of smaller damages, an insurer may elect for the claim to be placed on a fast-track settlement path. This can decrease the time a consumer’s vehicle may be out of commission.

The bottom line is that an accurate collision repair estimate will result in a better experience and end result for customers.

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