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Car Maintenance for Older Models

With increased pricing and better built vehicles that provide upwards of a 100,000 mile warranty, many car owners are keeping their vehicles longer. If you are among this group of drivers, you will need to care for your car differently as it ages.

It is important to keep a few things mind ensuring your car will continue to run smoothly as the mileage increases.

Here are a few some tips to keep your older vehicle on the road for many more miles.

Routine maintenance may feel a bit mundane, but it is key to keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. Oil changes and routine maintenance are even more important as your odometer climbs and your vehicle ages. You should add reminders to your calendar, so you can stay on top of these service intervals.

If your vehicle has quite a few miles on it, consider getting your transmission serviced. Transmission repairs can be expensive, so routine maintenance can help you avoid more expensive repairs or the cost of having your transmission replaced.

If you have put your automobile to the test through the years, the cooling system has been tested as well. Keep in mind your cars cooling system has worked equally as hard to regulate the heat that is radiated by the engine. Green fluid leaking under your car can be a sign of an antifreeze leak. Also, if you have never replaced the water pump in your car, you may want to consider having your cooling system flushed.

These are just a few tips for older and high mileage vehicles and your car may require more extensive service. The key is to stay in tune with your vehicle and on top of scheduled maintenance. We hope you found these tips helpful.

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