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Can Minor Rear-End Collisions Cause Hidden Damage?

Rear-end collisions are the most common motor vehicle crash every year in the United States. Most Rear-end collisions occur at low speeds and cause very minor structural damage. On the other hand, even when your vehicle is involved in a minor rear-end collision, it can cause hidden damage that may place you and your passengers at a risk of accident and injury.

What Causes Rear-End Collisons?

Would you believe there are more than two million rear-end collisions per year?
Most of these crashes could be avoided if the trailing drivers had only an extra second of warning time. The main causes of rear-end collisions include speeding, traffic congestion, distracted driving (texting, loud music, or phone calls), mechanical failure, aggressive and reckless driving, driving while fatigued, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Things you Cannot See Matter

Although cosmetic damage to your vehicle may not seem problematic for proper function, the truth about rear-end collision lies beneath the surface. When you have are involved in a minor rear-end collision, some of the hidden problems include:

  • Electrical Damage

A minor impact can loosen wires for your battery, brake lights, and taillights. Those disconnected brake lights will keep you from alerting drivers around you that you are stopping.

  • Damage to your Trunk

A small impact to the back of your vehicle can alter the trunk’s locking systems and seal. Left unfixed, this could lead to problems opening the trunk, and moreover, water could leak into the storage area.

  • Hidden Structural Damage

Most bumpers are painted plastic, while the bumper reinforcement and molded-foam absorbers provide rearend-crash protection. With a severe enough impact, these parts, or even the trunk floor pan or rear frame rails, can be bent and not provide protection for a subsequent impact.

  • Alignment Problems

Something as seemingly minor as hitting a pothole can knock out your vehicle’s alignment; sustaining a rear-end collision can do exactly the same. If your vehicle starts pulling to one side of the road, your alignment may be off. The vehicle may even seem to drive OK, but if the wheels are misaligned, it can cause rapid wear to your tires. And because the suspension geometry will be off, that can result in poor handing.

Avoiding Rear-End Collisions

You may be asking now, what are the best ways to avoid causing rear-end collisions?

  • Do not text and drive (Use hands-free if possible)
  • Do not drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or cold remedies.
  • Get your vehicle inspected by a mechanic several times per year to ensure your braking system is in proper working order.
  • Maintain a safe following distance based on weather conditions and speed.
  • Obey all posted speed limits, especially in construction zones.

Your Reliable Solution for Rear-end Vehicle Collisions

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